Welcome to Children’s Garden Nursery School!

Children’s Garden Nursery School is a place that I have been fortunate to call ‘home’ for over 34 years.

As the owner and principal of the school from the very beginning, I have witnessed many changes over the years. The 2019/2020 school year was one that will not be easily forgotten for many of us in regard to COVID-19 and the disruption it brought to our children’s school experience and lives in general.

I had to make the difficult decision not to offer preschool this school year due to childcare licensing limitations and also knowing that the integrity of our programming and what we would typically offer these very young children would be adversely affected.  I couldn’t imagine having to coerce the first time or returning preschoolers to enter the school without the assurance of their caregiver within our school walls. Choosing to operate as a private school allowed us to offer kindergarten, grades 1 & 2 programming, These older children have done a wonderful job of adapting to a new normal and their programming has been as enriched as always due to their maturity and readiness for a school environment.

What will the 2021/2022 school year bring? This is a big question for all of us. There is no doubt that we are more prepared to ensure all safety protocols are in place should this still be required in the future. Our preschool children have a better understanding of what the ‘new normal’ expectations are now that wearing masks etc has been part of their lives for most of this year.  As plans for the next year are being made, please be assured that I will always keep in mind what our young students’ needs are both from an emotional and academic standpoint.

I take great pride in providing our families with wonderful teachers, excellent programming, and the opportunity for children to experience a positive world of learning. Flexibility within a schedule is the key when teaching elementary-aged children, especially during a school year when we need to be creative in our teaching strategies and be open to all the challenges that may come our way.

This year we had families that chose Children’s Garden in place of public school due to the small classes and enhanced safety protocols. We know that this year will be a positive year to remember…filled with fun, success in their academic accomplishments, and a time for them to shine within a small group setting.

As a parent myself, I understand that communication between home and school is an important part of a child’s successful school experience. Our small school provides families with a personal touch so that your child is not lost in the crowd and you can be confident that we will meet all of their needs.

Although at this time we are closed to visitors, please feel free to contact us should you like a virtual tour of our school. We look forward to answering all of your questions as you make the important decision of choosing the right school for your child.

I hope to meet you ‘virtually’ soon!