Welcome to Children’s Garden Nursery School!

Children’s Garden Nursery School is a place that I have been fortunate to call ‘home’ since our doors opened over 30 years ago. As the owner and director of the school from the very beginning, I have had various levels of involvement. When the doors were opened back in 1986, our enrollment was a huge total of two children! During the early years, not only was I was a classroom teacher, supervisor, but a mother of three young daughters. Now, my children are grown, enrollment has increased and my role is primarily of Director, although I am still actively involved in the odd diaper change and stepping into the classroom to witness all the wonderful activities the children are enjoying.  I take great pride in providing our families with wonderful teachers, excellent programming and the opportunity for young children to experience a positive introduction to a new world of learning.

Private schooling is not only a financial investment, but an emotional investment where families entrust their children’s educational welfare to us and I take this very seriously. I always try my best to ensure that every aspect of running the school is done with integrity and that every decision always comes down to “Is this the best for the children”?

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any unanswered questions after exploring our website. We look forward to setting up your own personal tour. In the meantime, why wait? Please feel free to take a peek inside our school right now by watching our video. You can witness first-hand why hundreds of children have started their educational journey at Children’s Garden Nursery School.

I hope to meet you soon!!

Pauline Foulkes