Children’s Garden Nursery School is licensed under the Ministry.  We must follow strict guidelines to ensure that our license is renewed each year and that every child in our care is placed in a safe, stimulating and caring environment.  Our school adheres to the guidelines put forth by the Ministry.

  • All our classroom teachers are E.C.E. certified and members of the C.E.C.E.
  • Our specialty teachers are qualified in their own field of expertise.

By signing the Children’s Garden Policy Binder, our staff have agreed to comply with a number of different policies.  These include a Behaviour Management Policy, a Contravention of Behaviour Management Policy, an Anti-Racism Policy and a Child Abuse Policy. All of these policies and procedures are put in place to make our teachers aware of their ‘duty of care’ and their responsibility to our school and its families.  All of our teachers have first aid training and this is renewed on a yearly basis.  It is very important to us that all of our teachers follow our same standards of practice and uphold the standard of care that Children’s Garden has gained a reputation for.  Through ongoing evaluations with our teachers, our commitment to the Children’s Garden philosophy is maintained.