Working with children on a daily basis requires patience, compassion, flexibility and above all, a LOVE for teaching and the desire to see each child reach their full potential. Here at Children’s Garden Nursery School, we have teachers who fill those criteria with ease.

Each staff member at Children’s Garden Nursery School is on a ten-month contract, although we just celebrated the retirement of one of our teachers who taught for us for 22 years…congratulations again Jill Anton! As in any working environment, it is important to have employees who continue to be enthusiastic and ready to return in September with high energy and excitement for a new school year ahead. It is important that a level of professionalism is maintained while at the same time also providing an environment that is a positive and friendly one. Our families regularly comment on the welcoming atmosphere here at Children’s Garden Nursery School, thanks to the wonderful women below.

Kindergarten Teachers

Sharon Carr

Hello, I am one of the kindergarten teachers here at CGNS. I am a registered Early Childhood Educator and British Nursery Nurse. For over 25 years I have worked with children and their families, during which time I have also had the amazing experience of raising my own children – two teenage boys – who surprise and delight me daily!

I will be entering my tenth year as part of the CGNS team and what an amazing place it is to be. As soon as you enter the school you feel its energy from the staff who love their jobs, the children who love being here to the brightly displayed classrooms and hallways showing the fabulous work produced. Children’s Garden is a home away from home experience, each teacher bringing their own unique flare to each class.

With an abundance of energy, I try and implement a FUN loving, creative pre-school programme, allowing each of my ‘kiddie-winks’ to grow and blossom. Encouraging each bloom to be an independent individual and engaged in the best first school experience possible. I love my job!

Valery Hirschl

I am a Registered Early Childhood Educator with over 10 years of experience in South America, The U.S. and Canada. I hold a B.A in Early Childhood Education and an M.Ed. in Educational Media and Technology.

I love to innovate and try new activities in order to engage my students and make the learning process meaningful and fun. I constantly evaluate my strategies and adapt to my students’ interests and learning needs in order to successfully guide and help them discover the world around them. I encourage my students to believe in themselves and not be afraid to take risks and try new things, enabling them to develop skills such as problem-solving and creative thinking, which are essential for success in school and beyond.

In my class, I strive to make each child feel safe, happy, respected, but most importantly, feel loved. Seeing a child happy and smiling and knowing that I had something to do with it, is definitely the most rewarding experience. After all, who doesn’t love unexpected hugs and smiles from a happy child!  

Joanna Fraticelli

I have a Bachelors of Early Childhood and Elementary Education from Concordia University in Montreal where I taught for several years before moving to Toronto. I have over 10 years of experience working with children in day camp, day care, nanny and elementary school settings.

I  am a registered member of the Ontario College of Teachers as well as the College of Early Childhood Educators. I am very excited to be returning to the the Children’s Garden family as the French teacher for another year and to see all the familiar faces in my classes.

I enjoy helping young children learn to love speaking French through singing and games. Having had experience teaching at the early elementary school level, I am aware of what skills Kindergarten students need to be successful and independent when they enter grade school.

I know that it is through a foundation of feeling safe, confident and happy at school and with their teacher that students take the leap to speak and learn in a second language. I strive to make instruction in French engaging, exciting and something the children are excited to be involved with in order to instill a lifelong enjoyment of both the French language and learning as a whole.

Grades 1 & 2 Teacher

Lezlie Radomski

My name is Lezlie Radomski and I am the Grade 1 & 2 teacher at Children’s Garden. I have been happily employed here for the past 9 years, but have been privileged to be in the field of Early Childhood Education for over 35 years. In between this fulfilling and ever-changing journey I became a mother of two and more recently a grandmother of two. I also have a degree in Nutrition from Ryerson University. Making a difference in children’s lives is my passion; I knew at a young age that this is what I wanted to do.

I believe that my role as an educator is to be an empathetic, open-minded, encouraging, and compassionate role model. I recognize that each child is unique, so the goal of my program is to meet the needs of each individual child. In its purest form, my room is designed to develop a child’s self-esteem, teach co-operation, and inspire curiosity. I expand a child’s ability to learn by creating multiple problem-solving opportunities. I want each child to know that they can do anything. I want them to know that it’s okay to make mistakes, but you must always try and work hard to do your best.

Preschool Teachers - 2021/2022 School Year

Angie Foulkes – is currently on maternity leave

I have my Bachelor of Primary Education and am a registered member of the Ontario College of Teachers. I have been working with children of all ages in various capacities for over 11 years. I have been a part of the Children’s Garden community for over 27 years, as I myself, started my education as a little tot in the toddler room! It is very rewarding to be on the other side of things as one of the morning toddler/preschool teachers and afternoon kindergarten teachers.

Through my years of experience, I understand that getting to know the individual learners in your classroom is essential. I believe in inspiring students to reach their maximum potential and providing each student with the tools needed to be successful. Through inquiry-based learning and open-ended questions, students are able to be inspired and challenged while finding deeper meaning through their ability to personally connect with the material. Through ongoing assessment and observation, I constantly look for learning opportunities that will help each child to develop emotionally, cognitively and physically. I believe that learning only happens once children feel they are in a safe and nurturing environment, and that is what I love most about the atmosphere at Children’s Garden Nursery School; children have the confidence to take risks and grow without boundaries.

I look forward to returning to CGNS next year!

Carol Stebila – is taking a year sabbatical

I am a certified Early Childhood Educator with a Bachelor of Applied Arts ECE Degree from Ryerson University. I have been teaching Nursery School for over 20 years in Toronto.

I feel very privileged to have such an important profession as teaching young children, and I am so pleased to be teaching here at Children’s Garden Nursery School. Within my classroom, I am committed to building independence and self-confidence in the children. I encourage the children to express (and share) their feelings and ideas whether it be through play, art, circle, or snack time. And I seek to focus on the many teachable moments that occur throughout the day that help the children learn how to work together in a cooperative and positive way.

It is always so rewarding for me as a teacher to see that every year the children come in with “big eyes” and some apprehension but walk out of the classroom in June a bit taller, wiser, feeling confident and “ready” because of all of the knowledge and skills they acquired at school.

Music, Drama and Art

Emily Vick


My name is Emily and I am the Music, Drama, and Art teacher at CGNS. I will also be leading movement classes for two afternoons each week. I love to sing, dance, and create with the amazing students of CGNS. I have been with CGNS for seven years now and truly believe it is a unique and special place where children grow, learn, explore, and are challenged each and every day!

I have a background in music and drama performance/education and have been lucky to sing and teach all over the world. I studied voice and drama when I earned my Bachelor’s degree and also hold a Masters of Education and I am OCT certified. I have taught music and drama in schools and at summer camps and enjoy working with students of all ages. I was a volunteer at the AGO’s Weston Family Learning Center during its inaugural year and have a strong background and love for the visual arts (even studying art and architecture in Spain!).

As a teacher, I love to share my passion for music with children by tapping into their natural abilities and hope to encourage them to express themselves through song and movement. I believe their growing bodies and minds truly benefit from a musical education. I make every effort to teach musical concepts in a way that is fun and engaging, and enjoy introducing children to new instruments and songs.

The drama program at CGNS is a fun, engaging, high-energy class that is geared towards introducing children to the fundamentals of drama in the most creative and participatory way possible! It is an opportunity to play, imagine, and interact safely in a supportive space!

And the newly created Art Program is based on the study of history, the study of a variety of artists and of course, making art! The students will have the opportunity to make their own art each week based on themes and materials that are carefully curated to help them grow their visual, motor, and social development skills.

I am so excited to be part of the CGNS staff!


Lisa Rivers –  Artistic Director of our elementary school plays.

This year’s plans for our holiday and spring drama plays with the kindergarten and grades 1/2  actors at Children’s Garden will be put on hold until further notice.

I am hoping that I can continue to bring stories to life on stage with these young inspiring minds.   My mandate is always to create a drama play program where children can learn to be more creative, imaginative, expressive and confident individuals.  I want to create an environment where everyone can just be themselves and maybe one or two other crazy characters.

For the last fourteen years I have been running drama adventure camps and drama performance camps during the summer. During the year I run after school drama performance programs and teach drama workshops in schools.

I also teach piano to children and adults and enjoy writing, travel, fitness and adventure.  I believe life is a journey not a destination and that the lessons I learned in my improv classes are ones I apply in my everyday life.

once the plans for the plays are determined, I look forward to meeting all the new and wonderful personalities coming to Children’s Garden!