New Phonemic Awareness Program

Designed by accredited and experienced educators, Alpha-Mania fosters pre-reading skills through dynamic themes, interactive play, and multi-sensory activities. As a result, children ages 3 to 5 acquire reading and phonological awareness skills that help put them on the path to academic success.

Alpha-Mania is offered on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. The program runs for approx. 10 weeks depending on the term.

What the research says:

The Phonological Awareness Handbook for Kindergarten and Primary Teachers, Lita Ericson and Moira Julibo, 2000:

  • “Children who have developed the understanding that words can be segmented into sounds tend to be better readers than those with poor phonological awareness ability.”

The Roots of Learning to Read and Write: Acquisition of Letters and Phonemic Awareness, Linnea C. Ehri and Theresa Roberts, 2006:

  • Phonological awareness is not a concept that children discover on their own. Children must be taught to analyze phonemes in words so that they can connect letters to phonemes when they read or write words.

  • Studies of children who struggle in learning to read show that [phonemic awareness] skills are often deficient.

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