Our pricing is $25 per class and we keep the class size to a maximum of 4 children.

Unfortunately, due to our small class sizes and the importance of not adding students once a two-week program has begun, there are no refunds of payment for any missed classes for whatever reason.

Each class will be recorded and shared with families who were not able to join the live class.

It would be viewed as well within the norm for a young child not to participate during the first few virtual classes. As within a regular circle-time at school, some children prefer to sit back and observe until they feel comfortable actively participating. Typically, these children re-enact everything they observed once they return home from school.  You may find that after the virtual class ends, your child may want to talk about what they observed. The most important part of any educational/social experience is that a child does not feel any pressure to perform. A quiet child does not mean they are not participating in their own way. They may want to turn off their video so that they can watch unseen. These are the kind of scenarios that our teacher would be more than happy to discuss with you throughout the program. Ultimately, we would like each child to meet with success and for some , success in this new experience may be responding to a question for this first time. These small moments are huge in terms of establishing an environment where a child is willing to take a risk.

Ideally, if you could set up your child’s learning space in a quiet area of your home or an area with the least number of distractions. A space that allows the child to follow arts and craft activities (at a table of flat surface), a space where they are able to stand and move for any movement activities. If the parents can ‘be busy’ with their own activity within sight of their child should they need any assistance. Ideally, if the parent can leave the child to participate independently as much as possible, we find that children are more likely to engage with other children and the teacher. Pretending to be busy with your own work is a good role model opportunity 😊.

First and foremost, the opportunity to be part of a small group and make a valuable connection with a teacher and some new friends. We have our program plans all laid out, however, as with an in-class circle-time experience, each circle-time can take a different turn based on the children’s responses and the ability for organic learning to take place. If you have children engaged and interactive, then a great teacher will take the lead from their energy and enthusiasm and follow their interest and questioning. Learning to take turns, listen to others, having the courage to raise their hand and answer a question, etc. Our programs are not for entertainment only, although they will be entertaining 😊 Our goal is for each child to feel that they are part of the CGNS Buds family and know that their presence is valued and celebrated. Trying to create a circle-time experience as close to an in-class circle time is our priority.

Absolutely! The best way to do this would be to email your child’s teacher directly so that she can arrange to be available before or after the class. Or it could be a phone call too. Of course, not having your child in the room with you when asking any questions is always the best policy.

Should your child show a greater interest in an individualized learning program, we would be more than happy to arrange this for you. The best way for us to assess is for them to be part of our small group classes so that we can evaluate without the child feeling any pressure.

Please don’t worry. Your child can plan to do the activity at a later time, or you are welcome to substitute materials. We will ensure that your child always feels included as the teacher may give your child a special job to do so that they do not feel left out.