In addition to how well she works with children, the feedback Lesley provided to parents was unmatched. Not a single class went by without Lesley having something meaningful to say to each and every parent about their child’s experience that day. Communication with Lesley was comfortable, clear, and extremely beneficial. 

Every day that I picked up my child from Lesley’s class, I left feeling like my daughter had grown, and like her teacher had both encouraged that growth and, more importantly, celebrated that growth right along with me. 

Any child and parent would be lucky to have Lesley as their educator. She is brilliant with children, is fiercely creative, and has a heart of gold. 

I had the pleasure of having Lesley teach both my children in the Jump into Kindergarten program. My children were both very shy to be left and Lesley didn’t skip a beat to make them feel welcomed. Lesley always made sure each child was heard and had a chance to speak. She is warm, caring, fun and enthusiastic. Lesley always made a point to tell you something that your child did during class, she is truly involved!

My son was in many preschool classes with Lesley when he was 3 years old.  Lesley would always make him feel welcome into the programs by greeting him with a big smile each day.  She was very organized, lesson plans were always very creative and fun crafts were planned for her programs and she always had a positive attitude which showed how much she loved being there each day.  Lesley puts her heart into the planning of all her programs and when teaching you can tell she is absolutely loved by all the kids in her programs.  My son absolutely adored Lesley and always looked forward to attending programs with her.