Now adding Grade 3 in September 2021!

Over the years, our kindergarten program has evolved into a program that tends to move ahead into the grades 1 & 2 curricula should a student show readiness for more of a challenge. Hence our excitement of being able to delve into grades 1 & 2 fully during the 2020/2021 school year.

  • The grades 1 & 2 students are part of the same cohort.
  • The grade 1 & 2 students have their own entrance/exit for drop off and pick up (no staggered drop-off or pick-up times).
  • The grade 1 & 2 cohort have their own washroom
  • Air purification units and installed window fans in the classroom for maximum ventilation.
  • Each child has their own desk with a plexiglass shield for protection when not wearing a mask.
  • The perfect set-up to ensure a safe learning environment.

Each child is assessed to ensure that all of the building blocks of learning from kindergarten or grade 1 are in place. If we need to revisit certain parts of the curriculum with your child, that is not an issue as every child should feel confident in their ability to take risks and this will only happen if they meet with success in their learning, and this is built upon step by step. Due to our low 10 to 1 ratio we are able to connect with each child and personalize their program to suit their personality, energy level, and skill level.

Message from Ms. Lezlie our Grade 1/2 teacher:

We have many goals this year for our elementary school-aged students this year. Our goal is to build important skills, knowledge, and awareness. Enhance your child’s creative ways, express meaning in multiple ways, and have the ability to work alone and in teams effectively.
Our goal is to teach your child to become problem solvers, use strategies to be resourceful, and work
through challenging problems. Our goal is to help students develop confidence, share ideas through
discussion and think critically and outside the box. Our curriculum provides a creative, stimulating, fun-loving, and yet structured environment, allowing your children to grow and develop at their own pace. We will be following the Toronto School Board guidelines including the new grade one math program which puts more emphasis on ‘a back to basics’ approach. We will build strong foundations in reading, writing, math, social studies, and science. We will have art, drama, music, sportball, movement with Emily, I-Pads, French and outdoor play. We will work on special projects throughout the year. Have topic and opinion days. Practice our public speaking. Write a class chapter book. Have monthly challenges. Form an art club and have a ‘student-teacher’ day where your child will trade places with me for an afternoon. Most importantly I hope to instill the love of learning and make learning meaningful for your child in an intimate and safe environment.