Grades 1 & 2 Drama and Arts Program

Check out what our Grades 1 & 2 students are up to...

Our Grade 1/2 class has been learning about Greek theatre! Why? Because theatre originated in Greece! The first plays were performed in Athens, Greece at the beginning of the 5th century. The word theatre is derived from the Greek word theaomai, “to see,”.

In our production audiences will see specific characters created by the students. Each character has a name, a mask and a prop that tells their specific story, just like the Greeks did centuries ago!

Our overall story (written by the students) is a basic plot of treasure and adventure! The students had to use their physicality and mask work (rather than their voices) to tell the story.

The students learned about set making and how ancient amphitheatres were designed and built and used for theatrical productions.

Finally, we had fun: The students used their creativity to recycle materials into costumes, masks, props and scenery to complete the look of our production, all while learning about Ancient Greek theatre!

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