Mini Masters

mini masters 2Created by an expert team of educators and artists, and inspired by the fearless sense of fun and endless source of inner creativity that all children possess. Mini Masters is ideal for young minds seeking new ways to express themselves.

Child development is dramatically enhanced when children are given unique artistic opportunities. Mini Masters allows children to delve into the minds and techniques of the world’s great artists – from Henri Matisse to Georgia O’Keefe. Children are introduced to the idea that behind every painting, drawing, and sculpture, stands a great artist. Once inspired by the artist of the day, our “Mini Masters” create their own dynamic pieces of art.

Beyond Arts and Crafts

Since Mini Masters is about the excitement of exploration, children get to play with different media, including:

Paint, Sculpture, Still life drawing, Collage, Mural work, Photography and Multimedia.

Children also learn about the elements of design:

Line, Shape, Colour, Texture, Value, Space and Form.

Mini Masters Students experience art in the world around them through stories, songs, movement, and of course, lots of messy fun.

Taught by Qualified Teachers

Our teachers praise students’ artwork, celebrate the individual abilities of each child, and create a warm, encouraging environment in which budding artists thrive.


Mini Masters FAQs


What is Mini Masters?

Mini Masters is an interactive art program that expands children’s artistic knowledge and creativity by exposing them to master artists. Inspired by the artist studied and the seven elements of design, children create great works of their own.

Which artists will Mini Masters explore?

Each Mini Masters unit focuses on a different artist, and draws upon specific artistic styles, movements, cultures, populations, and media. Some of the artists studied include:

Keith Haring, Henry Rousseau, Vincent Van Gogh, Georgia O’Keefe, Henri Matisse, Sheila Hicks, Kenojuak Ashevak and Viola Frey.

What does a Mini Masters lesson involve?

All Mini Masters lessons include the following key interactive components:

Visual Attendance: artistic sign-in at the start of every class

Look, Listen, and Learn Gallery: introduction to the artist’s life and works

Art Activity: creation of art in the style of the artist of the day

Art Skills: fostering an understanding of the elements of design: line, shape, colour, texture, value, space and form

Movement activities and stories: to facilitate understanding and expand creative possibilities

Does every child create his or her own work?

Yes. Different art projects are developed in every lesson. The class is designed to be a hands-on, interactive experience for everyone. Students take pride in the work that they create, knowing that it has been composed independently.

What should my child wear?

Children should wear comfortable clothes that can get dirty.

Do I have to supply art supplies?

No. All specialty art supplies are provided.

Does my child have to be a great artist to join?

No. Children at any skill level can benefit from art education. The goal of the program is to foster and build independence, imagination, and creative confidence through manipulation and experimentation with a variety of materials and media.

How will my child be evaluated?

There is no formal evaluation for Mini Masters. Everyone is praised and all work displayed.

What is the atmosphere?

Mini Masters is based on warm encouragement, where all are welcome. Our goal is for every child to feel comfortable and safe when in our care.

Can I or another caregiver be present during the class?

No. Mini Masters is a drop-off program designed to encourage independence and foster positive classroom habits.

What is the teacher to child ratio?

In every Mini Masters classroom there is one teacher for every six students.

Will I have an opportunity to see my child’s work?

Parents and caregivers are invited to participate in regularly scheduled Gallery Days that highlight Mini Masters’ class work. Additionally, you are encouraged to admire your young artist’s work before and after each class.