Created by an expert team of educators and artists, and inspired by the fearless sense of fun and endless source of inner creativity that all children possess, Mini Masters is ideal for young minds seeking new ways to express themselves. Child development is dramatically enhanced when children are given unique artistic opportunities. Mini Masters allows children to delve into the minds and techniques of the world’s great artists – from Henri Matisse to Georgia O’Keefe. Children are introduced to the idea that behind every painting, drawing, and sculpture, stands a great artist. Once inspired by the artist of the day, our “Mini Masters” create their own dynamic pieces of art.

Why is Mini Masters not just your average Arts and Crafts program?

  • Children will learn practical skills in drawing, painting, sculpting, weaving, woodworking etc.

  • Children learn about elements of design and composition.

  • Children will understand the principles of colour and colour mixing.

  • Children are exposed to a variety of art techniques.

  • Cross Curricular Connections- Math, History, Geography, Social Studies and language.

Mini-Masters is offered on Thursday or Friday afternoons from 1:00pm to 3:00pm.

The program runs for approx. 10 weeks depending on the term.

Please contact us directly for more information.

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