The French Immersion program centers around providing children a fun, enjoyable exposure to French. Creating a positive association with French and learning a second language from the start is essential to promote motivation, particularly for children who may go on to continue French immersion in elementary school.  The repetitive nature of early childhood life provides a great platform to learn new words. In a time naturally centered on familiar routines and repetition children quickly learn the words and phrases associated with them.


The key educational goals for the program are building the fundamental vocabulary necessary to describe the world around them including colours, shapes, counting, animals, and common phrases. This is achieved through lessons, games, and activities but also through true immersion – whether it’s snack time, a science experiment or free play children will be listening to French being spoken in a natural context.


For the 2020/2021 school year, we will be expanding our French Immersion programming into the early grades. We will closely follow the Ontario French Immersion Curriculum which will include but not be limited to French Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Visual Arts.