Kindergarten at Children's Garden

Children’s Garden Nursery School is pleased to offer both Junior and Senior Kindergarten programs to children 4 and 5 years of age.  All of our Kindergarten programs offer low student-teacher ratios; 8 to 1 class ratio.  Small class sizes allow us to accommodate, modify and create individualized learning paths that meet the diverse need of our learning environment.  This student-centered approach allows students to take responsibility for their learning while providing them with the proper guidance and support needed to meet specific learning objectives.  Catering to the individual’s needs will result in a deeper understanding, higher self-esteem and a motivation or desire to keep learning.

Students will be able to discover and explore through hands on learning, problem solving, predicting, questioning, and risk taking in both small and large group settings.

Full Day Kindergarten Program

Our full-day Kindergarten program takes place Monday through Friday and is available for students whose parents have chosen to keep their child in a small group setting. This environment is recommended to either prepare students for future private school enrollment or to continue on in the public school system.  Students enrolled in this program will experience all aspects of the learning curriculum including assemblies, field trips, and drama plays.

Our full-day program runs from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.

Kindergarten Curriculum

Although we have a wide and varied curriculum for your children to enjoy, the primary focus of the kindergarten program at Children’s Garden is to teach children to read, write and gain basic math skills.

We traditionally refer to kindergarten children as Junior or Senior kindergarten students. This may reflect their chronological age, but it is not always a true representation of their level of learning. At Children’s Garden Nursery School we refer to kindergarten as a two year program that meets each child’s needs as they progress independently throughout the various stages of learning.

No matter if this is your child’s first or second year of kindergarten, we start with thorough assessments.

Do they recognize each letter?

Do they know the letter sound association?

Are they already reading? If so, at what level?

Can they hold a pencil correctly?

Do they have the confidence to attempt ‘inventive spelling’ (where the child attempts to sound out the word that they are writing independently)?

The answers to all of the above questions and many more are determined by the child. Some children are very nervous about making mistakes and therefore will not even attempt any of the above although they definitely have the required ability.

Kindergarten is about the process not the end result as the foundation we are building upon needs to be solid. This can only be strengthened by a child’s ability to take risks knowing that their work may not be perfect or even correct. We take great pride in offering a program where the children are immersed in various mediums that make learning fun and allow the children to take risks in a nurturing and supportive environment.

Each child develops at their own rate and within the kindergarten time period the range may be varied without necessary concerns. Their ability to click into reading or writing independently can happen at any time between the ages of 4 and 6. In our experience it is like a light bulb being switched on and then they are off to the races! We have excellent teachers who can provide the children with an enriched learning environment where both collectively and individually the children can build on their skills. Some children move forward faster than others in certain areas of the program and that’s okay. This is not a race but a time where the scaffolding needs to be carefully built in conjunction with each child’s needs.

Our kindergarten children have two years to prepare for grade one and during this time we ensure that they are exposed to a fun, well balanced, and engaging curriculum so that they are independent learners moving forward.

Our two year kindergarten curriculum will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Introduction to chapter books
  • Listening to stories read and told
  • Group discussions
  • Introduction to new vocabulary
  • Maintaining a journal
  • Phonics Book
  • Identification of letters of the alphabet – upper and lower case
  • Identification of alphabet sounds
  • Identification of sight words
  • Practice of sound/action association (Jolly Phonics)
  • Sequencing
  • Recognition of initial and final consonant sounds
  • Identification of sight words
  • Use of readers
  • Printing of name (Both in Upper and lower case letters)
  • Printing of single words
  • Printing of sentences
  • Use of inventive spelling for independent writing
  • Identification of rhyming words
  • Poetry
  • Creative writing
  • Superstar Learning Computer Program
  • Handwriting Without Tears Program
  • Sorting and classification of objects
  • Counting of objects
  • Knowledge of ordinal numbers
  • Knowledge of time concepts
  • Introduction to telling time
  • Identification and creation of simple patterns
  • Duplication of simple patterns
  • Printing of numerals to 1-100 and beyond
  • Counting orally by 5’s and 10’s
  • Counting orally to 100  and beyond
  • Identification of numerals to 100 and beyond
  • Use of concrete materials to construct representation of single and double digit numbers
  • Measurement
  • Addition of numbers 0-10
  • Subtraction of numbers 0-10
  • Introduction to money (identification  and counting)
  • Geometry- shape recognition and formation; geometric solids
  • 2D and 3D shapes
  • Measurement- length, estimate and check area
  • Graphing
  • Sequencing
  • Temperature
  • Superstar Learning Computer Program

For our five day students, this is in addition to socializing with their peers, arts and crafts, cooking, science experiments, hatching chicks, assemblies, field trips, winter and spring plays, community outreach programs, French, Sportball, Music, Drama etc.

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Our Other Programs

We are pleased to also offer Toddler, Preschool, Pre-J.K., including our Specialty programs, such as French, Music, Sportball and Drama. You also have the option to increase your child’s time with us by enrolling in our Extended Programs.