Preschool Curriculum

Curriculum for both Toddler and Preschool Programs

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We take great pride in providing all of our preschool children with a well balanced curriculum that meets each child’s individual needs. During the first few weeks of school our experienced teachers spend time assessing and getting to know the children in their class. Group dynamics, individual personalities, energy levels, maturity, and level of academic knowledge are all factors that the teachers take into account when planning for the school year ahead. We want to ensure that no child is bored or overly challenged and that they are all progressing both socially and academically at their own pace.

There are four parts to the curriculum your child will experience during their preschool program.

  1. Specialty Programs- French, Sportball, Music and Drama  (FOR MORNING PRESCHOOL ONLY)
  2. Theme Based Curriculum
  3. Free Play and Circle Based Curriculum
  4. Kindergarten Readiness Curriculum


Our focus is fun!  Our theme based curriculum keeps children engaged and creates a love for learning while teaching a cross-curricular program. The themes may range from Space to Bugs but the main objective is to expose the children to as many of the subjects listed below within a theme in order to expand their knowledge base.

Theme Based Curriculum Components;

  • Math
  • Language
  • Geography
  • Science
  • Music
  • History
  • Cultural studies
  • Global awareness
  • Community outreach


Learning Activities for Multiple Intelligences

Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences promotes the development of all seven avenues of intelligence in young children. This approach provides a framework to identify how children learn; to build on their strongest assets; to help them become more intelligent by exposing them to a variety of ways of learning; to better individualize for their interests and needs; and to use teaching strategies that make learning more efficient, successful, and enjoyable for all children.

During free time, the children have access to a wide variety of materials and activities. The acquisition and mastery of academic skills is embedded in all materials with each activity focusing on a different skill. Keeping in mind the theory of Multiple Intelligences the following learning activities foster the development of all seven avenues of intelligence and allow children opportunities to build on and expand their strengths.

Library or book-nook

Story time

Writing center

Listening center

Flannel board station


Math activities

Science actvities


Building Blocks

Montessori materials

Calendar circle

Singing circle

Background music

Art center (e.g., sculpting dough, collage, painting, drawing)

Manipulatives (e.g., 3-D manipulatives, visual puzzles)

Building Blocks

Gross motor circle activities

Manipulative materials


Outdoor Learning Garden (Fall and Spring)

Tactile-learning (e.g., sandpaper letters, sample textures and cloth)

Puppet theater

Dramatic play

Sharing/social area (carpet or table activities)

Group discussions


One-person centers & stations

Life skills/self-help activities



The goal in our preschool classrooms is to promote the healthy growth of each child as they continue to grow as a preschooler and begin to prepare for kindergarten. These are some examples of the skills that are incorporated into the preschool curriculum in order to prepare each child for their kindergarten years;

  • Following classroom routines
  • Learning to be part of a group
  • Printing own name
  • Cutting and gluing skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Counting and number recognition
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Executive function and self-regulation skills
  • Social Skills
  • Character Education
  • Balanced literacy Program including;
  1. Exposure to quality children’s literature
  2. Opportunity to explore literacy skills
  3. Oral language
  4. Letter recognition and sound association
  5. Phonemic Awareness
  6. Phonics Instruction
  7. Comprehension

Children that have experienced our programs have without a doubt grown in confidence, self-esteem, self advocacy and the ability to successfully handle conflict resolution. We look forward to providing every child with best school experience and to seeing them grow and blossom during their time with us.