The goals of the French Program are:

  • To introduce a new language in a fun and engaging way.
  • To familiarize children with the phonetics of French.
  • To learn a variety of basic, day to day vocabulary.

French will be taught through the use of songs, games, books, work sheets, stories, poems, art, dance, and a modified version of  ‘A.I.M. Language Learning’ (Accelerative Integrated Method) where children use gestures as a learning and memory aid.  All of these teaching methods are used to provide a variety of ways for children to access and apply French vocabulary. The children will be given instruction in small groups, ensuring a fun and relaxed atmosphere that is non-competitive.  Children are never pressured to speak French; rather they are encouraged to feel comfortable trying out new sounds and words and are encouraged and rewarded with smiles and praise. A French newsletter is sent home each month listing the themes, vocabulary, and songs that your child will be learning during their French lessons.


Here at Children’s Garden Nursery School we use many tested and trusted teaching styles appropriate to the age of the children.  The Orff and Kodaly methods are two such styles that integrate the use of voice, simple rhythms, and percussion in order to encourage a sense of fun and freedom with music.  These philosophies teach the importance of helping the children feel uninhibited about expressing themselves.  We have a wide range of professional quality percussion instruments, all designed and crafted for small hands.  Our inventory is large enough so that each student has the opportunity to experience each instrument every week. Highlights of our school year is our annual “Holiday Concert” taking place at the end of December, and our annual “Spring Concert” before the end of the school year. Each year our students learn, practice, and perform a special concert for family and friends in the gymnasium of the school.  Since music is a natural form of expression, especially in children, we strive to encourage singing and playing at all times.  While having fun, the children are learning ‘Musical’ concepts such as, high/low, loud/soft and fast/slow.  These are but a few of the wonderful tools that our early music education can provide.  Please note that our Toddler children will have their own special ‘Holiday Concert’ performance in the comfort of their classroom. Their “Spring Concert” will be in the gym!


Sportball introduces children between the ages of 2-8 years old to the FUNdamentals of 7 different sports: soccer, hockey, basketball, baseball, volleyball, tennis and golf which are taught in a non-competitive atmosphere.  Children also have the opportunity to get involved in fun games that focus on developing gross motor skills, building self-esteem, confidence and teamwork.  Sportball instructors are thoroughly screened and well trained.  Coaches are First Aid and CPR certified and have related education and/or experience with children. For more information about Sportball programs, please visit them at


The drama program serves to introduce the students to dramatic story telling, puppetry, creative movement, imaginative play and music.  At the commencement of every class, there is a vocal and movement warm up.  Then, children will embark on an imaginary journey to a place and/or explore a theme-based story.  Children will also play a bundle of new and exciting drama games.  Our main goal with this program is to encourage dramatic play and creative movement through stories.  We also hope to foster a fun and safe environment where children are able to explore their bodies, voices and feelings.