Gayathri and Rahul Kadyan

I enrolled my 2 and a half year old in CGNS based on recommendations I got from friends and having been impressed by my visit and tour of the school. I was told about the complete program and friends spoke highly of the nurturing and caring environment. What I wasn’t prepared for though was how “complete” the program was, in spite of it being only for half a day! CGNS to me is a hidden gem in this maze of over marketed children’s nurseries! The children have a complete academic program with literacy and numeracy from the start irrespective of age, they do French every day, Sportball, have a planned Music session twice a week and Drama twice a week.

My son thrived in his JK year and at the end of it was reading confidently at level 2! During the year they had 4 presentations that included two plays with Music and a French play, with each child being given speaking roles. More remarkable was the confidence he has now, whether it is in going up on stage, or presenting to an audience. I would highly recommend Children’s Garden to parents who want an enriched program for their children.