Em – Parent

Our daughter attended Children’s Garden prior to the pandemic and absolutely loved it. This year, she’s participated in a number of different virtual classes through Children’s Garden Buds. This was important to me because she’s entering JK next year without having been in a classroom setting this year. She was a little hesitant to engage during the first few classes, because of the virtual aspect. But that quickly passed and she absolutely loves it. Ms. Lesley is engaging and thoughtful. She puts an incredible amount of work into each class and adjusts accordingly depending on how silly the kids may be feeling on a particular day. Our daughter now talks about her class during the weekend and looks forward to sharing her “homework assignment” with Ms. Lesley or getting dressed up for “pyjama day” or “silly hat day”.  I have enrolled her in a class since the very beginning of the Buds program and will continue to do so for as long as the classes are offered. I feel that the classes have prepared her for taking instruction from a teacher and being in a “classroom” setting. I’ve also seen her become excited about working on her letters and numbers, something that previously took some encouragement. And of course, as has been our experience over the years, Pauline Foulkes, the principal at Children’s Garden is absolutely wonderful and closely manages the day-to-day ongoings of the program. Overall, I would very highly recommend the Buds program!