Children’s Garden Nursery School provides an excellent beginning for young children. Their little ‘graduates’ are ready for the challenges that Sunnybrook School offers and adjust very well, both socially and academically. We are always happy to consider candidates from Children’s Garden!

Whether you are undecided about enrolling your child in a future full-time French immersion program or whether you simply want to give your child a strong foundation for another language, the Children’s Garden French Immersion program is wonderful. Our daughter is appropriately stimulated, excited to learn another language, and even doing better in her morning school.

The teacher is passionate about her love and appreciation for languages and she nurtures that love of learning through activities that are engaging and topics that are interesting.

The CGNS French program has exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend it to friends and colleagues who want to expose their children to French in a nurturing, constructive and fun environment.

Branksome Hall has a valued relationship with Children’s Garden Nursery School. We look forward to working with families and finding a good fit for CGNS students in our welcoming environment, which features a liberal arts curriculum and many opportunities for co-curricular activities. Students who have come out of Children’s Garden Nursery School into Branksome make a smooth transition into our learning environment.

I enrolled my 2 and a half year old in CGNS based on recommendations I got from friends and having been impressed by my visit and tour of the school. I was told about the complete program and friends spoke highly of the nurturing and caring environment. What I wasn’t prepared for though was how “complete” the program was, in spite of it being only for half a day! CGNS to me is a hidden gem in this maze of over marketed children’s nurseries! The children have a complete academic program with literacy and numeracy from the start irrespective of age, they do French every day, Sportball, have a planned Music session twice a week and Drama twice a week.

My son thrived in his JK year and at the end of it was reading confidently at level 2! During the year they had 4 presentations that included two plays with Music and a French play, with each child being given speaking roles. More remarkable was the confidence he has now, whether it is in going up on stage, or presenting to an audience. I would highly recommend Children’s Garden to parents who want an enriched program for their children.

John looks forward to school every day. I credit this to the school’s wonderful atmosphere and excellent teachers and administration who create a stimulating, caring, high-quality learning environment for each individual child.

Children’s garden has transformed our son James from being frustrated with school to loving school and accomplishing things like reading, writing and confidence in a short 6 months. He is always excited to go and loves his teachers.

Before starting at Children’s Garden, we shopped around several preschools in the area, interviewed them, did site visits and even sat in on a class.  All of them seem to offer pretty much the same thing in terms of curriculum, but there seemed to be a common element missing amongst all of them that left us feeling unsettled….until a friend recommended Children’s Garden Nursery School. After talking with Pauline and touring the space, we hadn’t even made it out of the parking lot before turning to each other and saying “This is the one.”  We did not know at the time how right we were.

Children’s Garden is a truly special place.  Having been part of the school for four years now, I think there are a few things that set it apart from any other preschool.  First, the incredible sense of community and belonging.  The staff have created an incredibly caring, nurturing environment for not just the kids but for the families too.  Your child isn’t the only one who belongs to Children’s Garden – you do too.  Second, they have an incredible way of bringing out the best in each child and helping them to truly shine as individuals.  It is amazing to watch all of the children grow in confidence and self-esteem as each of their unique talents are brought to the forefront.  Third, the exceptionally strong relationship between the Parent Committee and the Administration and teachers.  Everyone works together to provide the best opportunities and make continual improvements for the benefit of our kids.  The Administration and the teachers go far above and beyond in all things big and small for the kids through special events, class outings, holidays, performances.  It is truly more than we ever expected.  I asked my son if there was anything he didn’t like about Children’s Garden.  He thought about it for a moment and said, “Only that I can’t go to school there forever.”

Our daughter has thrived at Children’s Garden Nursery School.  It is a caring, supportive and stimulating environment that allows children to develop at their own pace.  Each and every individual involved in the school is a committed educator who takes the time to meet the needs of each child by actively engaging them individually and collectively in a wide variety of activities.  Perhaps the best indication of the success of this school is just how much our daughter loves to learn and the excitement you can see and hear in her when she talks about “her school”! We have nothing but praise for Children’s Garden.

Children’s Garden Nursery School is a delightful place to send your pre-schooler. It is well-organized with fantastic facilities and friendly teachers who really help the children learn the skills they will need to enter kindergarten. The teachers help the children learn how to socialize, how to be independent and how to play in a group setting. My son loved the music and French classes, the Hallowe’en party, Christmas concert and visit to Riverdale Farm, and the many fun events the school organized. His mother loved the birthday poster the teachers made, and the songs he came home singing!

We are thrilled with the confidence and skills our daughter has gained from the Children’s Garden Kindergarten Enrichment program. The small class size has been a great advantage to her development, both socially and academically. Her teacher has been wonderful in adapting the curriculum to her specific needs and, most importantly, she is happy there and looks forward to each day that she is at Children’s Garden Nursery School.

I found out about CGNS from an ad in a community newspaper. After visiting the school and meeting with some of the staff I decided to enroll my daughter in the 3 afternoon a week Senior Kindergarten program. I had a “gut feeling” it would be a positive environment for her. Now that she has attended the school I know that I made the right decision. I am impressed by all of the staff members and the diversity of the program. In only 3 afternoons a week my daughter is exposed to the S.K curriculum, French, Sportball, Drama, and Music. It has been a wonderful complement to her morning public school. All staff members are very friendly and caring. I feel that I made the right decision in choosing CGNS and would highly recommend this school to others.

Our older child started in the preschool class at Children’s Garden and is about to graduate from Kindergarten. What an incredibly rich experience it has been. Every teacher has nurtured his curiosity and built his confidence through a fun and rigorous academic curriculum. The admin team lead by Pauline consistently goes above and beyond to enrich the student experience. The commonality amongst the families who are committed to a positive and comprehensive learning environment has provided the seeds for great young friendships.

The small class sizes are the perfect transition into a formal classroom environment, ensuring that each child feels safe as they take their first steps towards independence. The class size also guarantees that each child will receive personalized attention in these critical foundational early years. Whether it’s the level of French proficiency that our child has gleaned from the afternoon immersion program, the regular incorporation of the most current educational tools and approaches, or the unbearably cute plays/concerts that the students put on, I continue to be pleasantly surprised and impressed.

We are so happy that we will still be at CGNS for a few more years as our younger child transitions to the 3-Morning toddler class. It is truly a special place and it is a privilege to have our children walk through these doors every morning.